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Adms 2511 Week 5 Answers Essay

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ADMS 2511 Session 6, Ogly Company (1 of 2 pages), Answer Sheet. Please print your names below:

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Ogly Company produces baking and cooking equipment that is sold around the world and used by restaurants and bakeries. In addition, it produces parts that are sold to distributors who maintain and service the many different types of ovens and fryers. Some distributors are also authorized sales representatives who sell Ogly products.
Ogly sells a large variety of parts by means of its ...view middle of the document...

1, Table 5.1, E-commerce Business Models, p. 145
Describe the following e-commerce business models | Provide two examples of how Ogly Company could use the business model |
Online auction: | It’s a competitive process in which either a seller solicits consecutive bids from buyers or a buyer solicits bids fro seller. There are forward auctions and reverse auctions. Ogly can hold request for quotations (RFQ) with distributors who provides mass orders for oven parts, and also hold RFQs for retailers who seek to stock Ogly’s cooking and baking equipment. |
Product customization: | In the sell-side marketplace model, electronic catalogues can be customized for each large buyer as companies allow customers to configure orders online. Ogly’s IOS is customized for distributors and individual buyers, but it could provide distributors and individual customers alike with the option of configuring their own products and orders to better satisfy each of their requirements. |
Membership: | Invitation-only websites and sales offer subscribers special deals and creates an aura of exclusivity, also increasing the occurrences for impulse purchases. Ogly can create a membership and provide benefits for distributors and retailers who can promise exclusivity to the brand for cooking and baking products. Furthermore, loyalty benefits can be induced for individual consumers who consistently purchases with the brand. (ie. Loyalty points which can then be redeemed on the website for the next purchase) |

ADMS 2511 Session 6, Ogly Company (1 of 2 pages), Answer Sheet.

B) Ogly is considering implementing RFID (radio frequency identification) tagging systems on its inventory. Identify advantages and disadvantages to Ogly of using RFID to track and manage its inventory. Be specific to this type of business.

Refer to: Pervasive Computing, Section 6.4, p. 193-194

RFID allows products to be tracked through radio signals as tags with embedded microchips are attached to goods. It is much less susceptible to physical damages than barcodes, and contain an abundance of information including the location of the item and where it is manufactured. If the tags are attached to expensive baking equipment during production, it can be used to track its progress through the assembly line.

RFID can also be used by Ogly to create an efficient inventory system, should it decide to expand its e-commerce for individual customers, as the system can provide accurate knowledge of the current inventory. The tags can also help the company to ensure the security of the company, as cooking and baking equipment used by restaurants and bakeries are usually valuable and expensive.

RFID can also be used by distributors who can correctly identify the parts they need to maintain individual cookware and bake ware, and reduce instances in which they misidentify the model, purchased incorrect parts, and needed to return the parts to Ogly. Thus, Ogly will also save capital due to...

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