Administrative Organs In Kazakhstan Essay

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Administrative organs in Kazakhstan.

Table of Contents
1.  Introduction
2. Legal System of Kazakhstan
2.1. Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2.2. Constitutional Laws
2.3. Codes
2.4. Other Normative Acts
3. State Order in the Republic of Kazakhstan
3.1. Presidency
3.2. Parliament
3.3. Government
3.4. Constitutional Council
3.5. Judicial Authority
3.6. Local Public Administration and Self-Administration
1. Introduction
The Republic of Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country located in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The territory covers 2, 7 million square kilometers and country is ranked as the 9th largest territory in the world. It is neighbored ...view middle of the document...

On December 16, 1991, Kazakhstan adopted the Constitutional Law “On State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” which represented a major turning point in the nation’s development.
2. Legal System of Kazakhstan
The legal system of Kazakhstan is influenced by the traditions of both Islamic law and Roman law.  Islamic law, which was in force up until early 1920, incorporated many norms of Adat, the local customary law consisting of traditional prescriptions of the peoples of the region.  The influence of Roman law came primarily from the theory and practice of Soviet law and socialist principles.
Kazakh legislation is currently being codified.  Legislative and other normative legal acts can be categorized as constitutional, administrative, civil, criminal, labor-related, or other material or procedural laws. 
A strict hierarchy of the sources of law includes:
·       The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
·       Constitutional  laws and decrees;
·       International treaties;
·       Codes and ordinary laws; and
·       other regulations, normative decrees, and so forth.
2.1. Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
On January 28, 1993, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted the first Constitution of the independent Kazakhstan. On 30 August 1995, it was changed to the contemporary Constitution, which was adopted by a nation-wide referendum.  The Constitution was amended on October 7, 1998, on May 21, 2007, on February 2, 2011.
On October 7, 1998, the Parliament enacted a “Law on amendments and complements to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” This revision dealt with matters pertaining to the president's term of office, age restrictions, succession of authority in case of his death or resignation, and terms of Majilis and Senate members.
As President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced at a joint session of the parliament on May 16, 2007, the proposed changes to the Constitution of Kazakhstan are as follows:
1.     Redistribution of powers and responsibilities, in order to strengthen the role of Parliament. Reduction of the presidential term from seven to five years. Increase in the number of members of Parliament, both in the Majilis, from 77 to 107, and in the Senate, from 39 to 47.
2.     Strengthening the role of political parties.
3.     Development of local self-government.
4.     Improvement of the judiciary system.
5.     Development of international accords and strengthening of the Republic of Kazakhstan Peoples’ Assembly.
6.     Further development of civil institutions.
7.     Strengthening of human rights’ protection system.
On February 2, 2011 an amendment related to president’s election procedure was introduced. The Amendment provided that early elections of President of Kazakhstan shall be appointed by president and conducted in the order and terms prescribed in relevant Constitutional Law.

The Main Law of Kazakhstan constitutionally...

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