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Administration Essay

492 words - 2 pages

Dinner: Perfect Pair -- Spaghetti and Meatballs
1 cup of pasta mixed with tomato sauce or olive oil and garlic 
4 ounces of turkey meatballs or another low-fat meatball 
1 cup of veggies
Snack: Free Fruit
1 cup of fruit, like melon or berries
Men: Add 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt.

Dinner: South of the Border Quesadilla (pictured)
2 corn tortillas (crisped in an oven using small amount of spray oil) 
1/2 cup of nonfat vegetarian refried beans 
1 ounce of shredded low-fat cheese 
Layer each ingredient in between the crisp tortillas and bake the dish in a 360-degree oven for 5 minutes. Top with lettuce or cabbage, tomatoes, onions, pared cucumber, and salsa.
Men: Add ...view middle of the document...

Dinner: Chicken with a Twist
1 cup of cooked brown rice 
2 ounces of chicken breast, sliced and stir-fried with 1 cup of veggies 
1/2 cup of edamame (fresh soy beans)
Men: Add a couple more ounces of chicken.

Dinner: Pizza with Pizzazz (pictured)
2 medium-size slices of homemade thin-crust veggie pizza (use whole-wheat dough or an English muffin, and top with 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce and 1 ounce of low-fat cheese) 
1 cup of spinach or mixed greens salad
2 teaspoons of a light vinaigrette
Snack: Pick a Fruit, Any Fruit
1 cup of melon or berries or 1/2 cup of another fruit

Dinner: Choose Your Protein (pictured)
1 cup of barley apple salad (1 cup of cooked barley or any other whole grain, mixed with 1/2 of a diced apple) 
4 ounces of grilled chicken, fish, beef, or pork tenderloin 
1 cup of steamed veggies

Lunch: Asian Chicken Salad 
2 cups of shredded lettuce 
1/2 cup of mandarin oranges 
2 ounces of shredded chicken 
2 tablespoons of sliced almonds 
1 tablespoon of light salad dressing 
1 small whole-grain roll

Lunch: Crunchy Grilled Cheese
2 slices of whole-grain bread 
1 ounce of cheese (1 slice); any cheese will do, but try something new, like Gouda, for fun 
1 or 2 chipotle chile peppers
1/4 of a tart apple, sliced 
Place cheese, chipotle, and apple between the slices of bread. Lightly spread butter substitute on outside of bread and place in a saute pan on low heat until cheese starts melting. Flip after about 2-3 minutes so both sides get browned. 
1 cup of carrots, celery, radishes, cucumber, and/or cherry tomatoes on the side

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