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Addendum Essay

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This letter is an addendum to the rental application. We would like to explain why there are possible issues with our credit. While living in San Antonio, I was in nursing school, and my husband lost his job, and was on unemployment for a period of time. Subsequently, my daughter was diagnosed with a tumor, and we incurred enormous medical debt, as this came at a time when we had no insurance. Even at ...view middle of the document...

The property that we are currently renting is being leased to us by a friend of a friend, and there have been issues from day one. The owner of the home did not want to sign a lease, and all of the issues with the home that were supposed to be fixed, have never been fixed. We were told that the home would be converted to refrigerated air, and it never was, we have never received garage door openers, and the owner still has her property in our garage. We have asked her to please remove her stuff, but she has yet to do so. She is very difficult to get ahold of, and will literally hold our checks from the time we pay her on the 1st until the end of the month, only cashing them after numerous emails requesting her to cash our check. Now, there is a lot of drug activity in the neighborhood, and we do not feel safe here. We have not advised her of our plan to move yet, as we want to make sure that we are able to obtain a lease prior to giving her notice. We will provide her with a 30 day notice, but would request that you do not contact her until we give her notice.

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