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Action Paper For Retail Uniform Shop

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U05a1: The Importance of Coaching

MBA 6220: Appreciative Coaching

Dr. Sara Orem

Frenchie Smalls

November 13, 2011

Coaching in this new era is a very critical leadership practice. There are so many changes and circumstances in today’s business world that has competitive pressures. In the twenty-first century stronger business can be built, with effective training and leadership skills. The success of our business world to day lies in the hands of our leaders. The key is the talent and know how of a leader and the dedication of its people. In order for business to prosper and survive in the twenty first century they must find individuals who want to lead people and those ...view middle of the document...

Coaching is learned and is not an innate skill. Coaching occurs through one’s life personally and professionally. Informing people that what they do can make a difference in effective coaching. Being honest and sincere, and pointing out the good and bad performance, helps them see and be responsible for their achievements. With this being said coaching is an important function that a manager can perform. This communicates performance levels, expectations, importance of tasks and responsibilities, and a caring attitude. Being more of a listener brings on commitment. Ting and Scisco stated this as emotional competencies, “becoming increasingly important as individuals advance in an organization and assume positions of greater authority and responsibility” (pg. 179).

Coaching is a dynamic, interactive relationship between coach and client, focused on topics chosen by the client to address personal performance, learning and/or fulfillment goals. The coach and coachee build rapport and develop a bond among them. Through process, conversation and relationship, the coach supports the client to build awareness about the situation, make choices and increase self trust (“Coaching Methodology”, 2010). The coach and coachee work together until coachee has achieved their intent, by short term results and rework strategies. Coaching has short term results and builds skills for long term change. The client is capable and complete by the coach. The intent of coaching is to get the coachee...

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