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Ackoff Management Misinformation Systems Essay

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“Ackoff Management Misinformation Systems”
Keller School of Management
Washington, DC

Ackoff identifies five assumptions commonly made by designers of management information systems (MIS). With these assumptions, Ackoff argues that these assumptions are in most cases not justified cases, and often lead to major deficiencies in the resulting systems. To overcome these assumptions and the deficiencies which result from them, Ackoff recommends that management information system should be rooted in a management control system.

The Ackoff Assumptions are that:
1. Most mangers operate with a lack of relevant information;
I would have to disagree with this assumption and ...view middle of the document...

This will place a demand on whoever is tasked with providing the information to try figure out what and how much information management may need. And too often people go with the concept that too much information is better than too little. Having that idea can sometimes lead to information overload. And it also may lead to providing irrelevant information. A clear sense of direction would alleviate much of this.

3. If managers are provided with the information they need, they will then have no problem in using it effectively;
I will agree that if managers are provided with the information they need that there is potential to use it effectively. However, there is no guarantee. They may not know the full value of the information given, which will cause them to be incapable of using the information at its full potential. I believe that it is necessary to establish how well managers can use needed information. Providing decision rules and performance feedback would be a tremendous help in identifying and learning from past mistakes.

4. Better interdepartmental communication enables managers to coordinate their decisions more effectively;
I do agree that communication is needed and very important when it comes to effectively working together. An organization cannot function properly in the absence of communication. However, I agree with Ackoff’s contention that there needs to be a limit on the communication between each department. The example given is a perfect illustration of how having access to too much information can become detrimental to success of a company. Everyone wants achieve an excellent performance rating. To give each department with conflicting performance ratings access to each other’s information will have the potential to cause conflict...

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