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Achilles Essay

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The Character of Achilles
The Iliad by Homer is an epic poem that tells us about the famous Trojan War. Throughout this poem, Homer presented every character with their specific characteristics such as the role they played in each other lives, their flaws, and strengths and emotions that they evoked at particular settings in the course of this tremendous story. Achilles, the great Greek Warrior and principal character of this epic all along said things, did things and made choices that essentially took the story to a different direction. However, the question that still remains is if any of those choices changed Achilles himself. An analysis of books one, nine, sixteen, eighteen and twenty ...view middle of the document...

“Achilles-let your heart-devouring anger go” (316) were the words that Odysseus told Achilles. Achilles was really hurt hence the reason why nobody could have changed his mind. He came to the realization that even if he was known as the greatest warrior, Agamemnon used him and he was exposing his life to death for all those years. Another factor that caught his attention was that all the things that he won from his victories were never at his disposition: “And what’s laid up for me, what pittance? after suffering hardships, year in, year out, staking my life on the mortal risks of war” (389-391). The previous books of this epic show us that Achilles was all about himself beside the unconditional love and respect he had for his mother Thetis. Book 9 presented an emotional temperament of Achilles who was actually expressing strong emotions for a woman (Breseis) he held captive and that he barely knew: “ I loved that woman with all my heart” (415).
Book 16 and book 18 are the boiling points of Achilles. These two books demonstrated the extreme level of emotion and attachment of Achilles. The last interaction between Achilles and Patroclus occur in book 16 when Patroclus went to Achilles tent to ask him for his armor so he can go fight the Trojans pretending to be Achilles. Before he left, Achilles told him to not fight Hector under any circumstances. “Take care of the soldiers and fight as long as it is needed to protect the ship” is what was said. Unfortunately he did fight Hector and died. This was the...

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