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Accounts Assistant Essay

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S.S Uganda Certificate of
Education (UCE)

1986-1992 Bukedea Dem Primary School Primary Leaving Examination


Working as Accountant in Golf Course Investments (Apartments)
▪ Raising invoices and receipts
▪ Balancing cash at the end of the day.
▪ Raising vouchers
▪ Following up debtors
▪ Preparing PAYE, NSSF
▪ Faxing
▪ Paying employees
▪ Liaising with external auditors in carrying out audit of accounts
▪ Filling
▪ Receiving cash and cheques from clients.
▪ Reconciliation of accounts.
▪ Writing Cheques.
▪ Issuing statements of accounts to debtors when required.
▪ Checking on all creditors’ invoices before presenting for approval to the directors.
▪ Reports
SEPT 2002 – OCT 2003
Worked with Unilever Uganda Limited (Soroti Branch) as a Distributor’s Sales Representative
▪ Daily Stock Taking
▪ Marketing products.
▪ Going to the Field
▪ Banking cash
▪ Balancing books of accounts
▪ Management...

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