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Accounting Perspectives Essay

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Critical Perspectives on Accounting- MMPA 516

This Journal provided me an opportunity to express my views and critically analyze the different aspects to which accounting relates. It had been a great experience and a great approach to express ones opinion.

Harleen Kaur Juneja
Critical Perspectives on Accounting- MMPA 516

This Journal provided me an opportunity to express my views and critically analyze the different aspects to which accounting relates. It had been a great experience and a great approach to express ones opinion.

Harleen Kaur Juneja



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From such a concern, a new literature seeks to reformulate corporate, social, and political activity, and the theoretical and practical means by which we detain and affect that activity. Critical perspective on Accounting deals with such above scenario and helps build a subject with its aim to provide a forum for such growing accounting perspectives.
This Journal brings together the different emerging topics that I had an opportunity to discuss and read through in relation to accounting and the broader social science disciplines which are concerned to illustrate how deeply implicated accounting is in the allocative, social, and ecological problems in today’s time.

1. Accounting has a wider sense and implications
It was inspirational to come across such new subject that crosses the disciplinary confines for the course till date. What I today learnt was that accounting can also be included with those discipline that are apprehensive with aspects of human society as it is also like a system of thought that is designed by us to assist us in decision making and to influence at certain stages.
Old-style accounting theory and practice could be acquiescent with broader economic accounting such that accounting could be used to gesture wider social issues and concerns. There seemed to be a need for change in the way accounting is perceived and ensure that it properly serves the need of more broadly defined users. The accountings use and its consequence as a good or bad discipline depend on its use. Complying with its standards properly and in favour of society makes it good or bad.
Therefore, we could say that accounting is not merely a impartial, technical venture but it reflects the economic, social and political viewpoints of those who are engaged in its practice. It is apparent that today’s accounting systems find their meaning and nature in the historical and social context of the organisations of which they are a part. Accounting has been affected by different influential factors. Accounting has always been affected by the environment in which it operates and on the other hand it has always been one of the factors that has influenced its environment. Accounting is affected by a variety of historical, economic, socio-cultural, and institutional and other various non-accounting factors.
One of the characteristics of an accounting system influenced by the Roman law for example is the legalisation of accounting standards and procedures. Prescribed by regulations, accounting rules are very detailed and comprehensive, leaving a very small margin for interpretation and no possibility for improvising.
Political system can also be taken as an influential factor as we see in our past literature of colonial inheritance, where invading countries impose their political, as well as their accounting systems on the countries they have conquered and colonised and it Is the fact that even today countries are using same principals even though they no...

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