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Accounting Financial Management Essay

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Case Study 4: Why do public-sector projects fail?
The public-sector is the portion of society controlled by national, state or provincial, and local governments. The composition of public-sector varies by country, but in most countries it encompasses universal, critical services such as national defense, homeland security, police protection, firefighting, urban planning, corrections, taxation, and various social programs. It is no surprise for government to ...view middle of the document...

Under this situation, this essay is going to analyses the key problems which responsible to the public-sector projects’ chequered history by providing some suggestion in reduce the risk of project failure.

Based on the past track record, public-sector informational system project failures are so common that it almost expected by the planners. It is estimated that around 20–30 percent of projects are total failures and abandoned. Around 30–60 percent partially fails, with time and cost overruns or other problems. The minority of projects succeed.
To give a general idea of this situation, we can compare it with NHS National Programme for Information Technology (NpfIT). It is the largest civil IT programme which aims at providing opportunities for the IT service industry to develop business models in the UK healthcare sector. It launched in 2002 by the government and the society generally gave high expectation for the programme. Basically, the programme original aim was to let every patient to have an electronic care record by 2010. However, in reality, the rate of electronic care records system setting is falling far below expectations and failed to achieve the original aim which the government has finally announced to be cancelled.

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