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Accountants Essay

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Jackson States offers many majors. If the career selection were child education or music, there is an opportunity to fulfill the career path at many colleges. Math and numbers have always been an interest, came as second nature. Today presented is the knowledge accounting explores, the professions to which it leads, and salary.
In order to choose a major there has to be a connection. The accounting major prepares individuals for analysis, planning, control, and decision-making. In addition to accounting courses, students develop oral and written presentation skills, listening skills, leadership, and career preparedness. Courses required include economic and managerial perspectives on the relationships among business activity, economic outcomes, and evaluation of business ...view middle of the document...

Auditors’ takes already prepared statements and ensure that they are legally reported. Inventory accountants are responsible for reporting the inventory of a company. Financial analyst get in depth with transactions to help decision makers make the best choice. Budgeting accountants take data of the past and prepare for the future with a plan. The last is Tax accountant, they verify the transactions are correct for tax reporting and they make sure the taxes are filed properly. These professions stand out for accounting. Accounting is a broad subject. There are also smaller jobs and bigger jobs. Along with the type of profession chosen, the salary will change.
Accountants salary varies based on the types of accounting a job requires an employee to do. Difficult jobs of course offer higher pay. The average salary can be determined by looking at individual’s salary who is already working at the firm of interest in the same position. With the different types of accountants, salary can vary from $28,000-$150,000 annually. Salary should not be the main drive for the profession chosen but it should be a factor.
When choosing a major, there has to be an area of study that grabs an individual’s attention. For a Bachelor degree, you will be in school for a few years at the minimum and not every class selected will be easy. It takes dedication and determination to succeed. If the major chosen is a desire then it should not be a problem with dedication. Do the research on any major before selecting it as a major. The more knowledge the more successful one can become. This gives an insight on an accountant and by reading this, you should be able to tell if accounting is the right choice or not. Choose now, do not make a mistake of waiting until senior year, and realize that accounting is not the right choice.

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