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Accidents In The Home Essay

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Accidents in the Home

The home is sometimes said to be the safest place and so if in danger most persons would first go there but over the years it can be seen that a large percentage of accidents happen in the home. These accidents happen due to certain factors such as lack of attention, awareness or parental guidance, disobedience to certain rules as well as a lack of understanding of certain things. These accidents can however be prevented if the necessary attention to details and the preparedness duties is met.

Common types of accidents in the home
* Fire – fires are one of the most frequent accidents that occur in the home. It is cause by either unattended flames or simply a ...view middle of the document...

The small child left unattended pulls down the saucepan and is scalded by the hot liquid. Young children playing on kitchen floors may also be burnt or scalded by hot liquid or food being spilt on them. They may also pull at appliances which are with their easy reach. Another cause of burns, sometimes very severe and resulting in death, is house fires. Young children are often the victims because they cannot rescue themselves. They are left asleep with lighted candles, coal pots, or kerosene lamps. Sometimes, a young single parent decides to run an errand while children are asleep, and bits of coal fall to the wooden floor setting the house ablaze. In other instances, small children may set fire to the home by playing with matches and lighted objects.

Small children and elderly people can be hurt badly by slipping n wet, slippery or greasy floors, tripping over objects and falling off chairs, tables or stairs. Sometimes falls result in bruises, even broken arms, legs or hips.

Many children lose their lives by consuming poisonous substances. Frequently, these substances have been left within their easy reach. Brightly coloured tablets and attractive bottles are temptations, and can easily be mistaken for sweets or delicious drinks. This can result in death.

Suffocation and choking
Suffocation means not being able to breathe. This can easily happen if a child puts its head into a plastic bag. Choking refers to getting an obstruction, such as a piece of food, lodged in the throat, also preventing you from breathing. Most children find plastic bags fascinating. The risk of suffocation is particularly high if children are allowed to play with soft cellophane bags. These can stick to face and nostrils, causing children to panic, and can result in suffocation. Babies can also easily suffocate if they are put to sleep on pillows that are covered with plastic with plastic. The plastic material prevents the circulation of air and the baby, who is unable to turn freely, can suffocate and die. Many children and adults, die by choking on a piece of food, or large sweet that has become stuck in the throat or windpipe. It is dangerous to give small children plums, cherries and other fruits with small seeds, as seeds can cause choking. Small children who feed themselves can sometimes choke on their food.

If electricity appliances are not used wisely, people can get electrocuted. If an electric current passes through a person’s body and into the earth, it can kill that person. Broken or fried cords can cause electrocution. In the home electrical wiring is usually covered with non-conducting outer covering.
Carelessness in allowing this covering to get frayed could expose the wires and electric current. Most people use irons with exposed wires or run wires under carpets. This is a dangerous practice since, in time, the wiring will fray or overheat and can electrocute you. Electricity passes through water...

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