Acc 557 Week 1 Discussion Questions

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In this document of ACC 548 Final Exam you will find the next information: 1. Under GASB rules for the financial reporting entity
2. According to GASB Statement No. 44, all of the following is a recommendation category for the CAFR
Business - Accounting
Assume a government is a special-purpose government engaged in only one governmental activity. Which financial statements would be require
A public college had tuition and fees of $20,000,000. Scholarships, for which no services were required, amounted to $2,000,000. Graduate assistantships, for ...view middle of the document...

The amount to be reported by the college for net tuition and fee revenue would be

Which organization promulgates the Government Auditing Standards?

Under the terms of the Single Audit Act and its amendments, what percentage of federal awards expenditures must be selected for audit?

The term opinion unit refers to which of the following?

All of the following are considered to be a major user group by the GASB EXCEPT

To compute the net debt per capita, what would a user of financial statements need to look at in the CAFR?

In order to compute the operating ratio-enterprise funds, one would look in the CAFR in which of the following sections?

In order to compute the ratio unreserved fund balance/revenues-General Fund, what would one look at in the CAFR?

The fund statements for governmental funds are presented using

What type of fund is used when resources are provided mainly through

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