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Acc 260 Wk6 Appendix C Essay

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Stakeholder Interest in the Issue Influence Urgency
Kardell employees (the union) The employees are concerned with the outcome of having to shut down to rebuild in accordance to environmental issues. They also are worried about their health if they live in the community, and if Kardell is sued, will they lose their jobs? The employees have an influence, but like any other corporation; they will do what is best for the stakeholders and higher ups before the employees. They will consider and most likely choose the most cost effective solution that is also legal, instead of what is in the employees’ best interest. In keeping up with damage control, the stakeholders would want to address employees to avoid hearing information from outside sources that can ...view middle of the document...

They have the power to influence Kardell to do something about this issue because of the threat of a lawsuit and speaking out against the recent increase in health problems. The company should reach out immediately to the citizens of Riverside to show they care and are concerned about fixing the sonox issue to help reduce the health risks. Not reaching out to the community could should a lack of compassion and anger the citizens and spark community outrage. Another factor is that some of the community members are also employees which makes increases the urgency to address it.
Kardell legal counsel Legal counsel is concerned with this issue because of the legal repercussions that can come from violating government policies and regulations. Counsel also considers the public health concerns, and money associated with the proposed environmental plan and what that means for company income and the employees that are affected. They have clients to protect from the stakeholders down to and including the employees that work and/or live in the community where this sonox issue is happening. Legal counsel has a huge influence because they have a hand in controlling how the company legally handles the sonox situation. Morally they may feel responsible, but legally they are within rights and the counsel can be confident that they have a decent defense if they should have to be a part of any future claims. The urgency is high. This is damage control and as legal counsel I stressed the importance of the stakeholders taking a proactive approach to the sonox issue. They do not want this issue to spill over and have employees feeling like their health and jobs are at risk. Answering questions now and taking a stand on addressing these concerns can save prevent future problems.

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