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Academic Writing About Pronunciation Essay

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Speaking is one of important skills to mastering English besides reading, listening and writing. In order to mastering speaking, we must have a good pronunciation and high confidence. It is also strengthened by Harmer (2001) that pronunciation is what learners have to concern with because sound or voice is a part of pronunciation. It is in the line with Brown’s statement. Brown (1974) states that one of the significant benefits of pronunciation is to helps student feel confident when speaking.
However, pronunciation is one of the most difficult problems that faced by the students largely. It usually becomes the largest constraint to overcome when trying to achieve fluency ...view middle of the document...

Poedjosoedarmo (1998) mentioned that the /θ/, and /ð/ are problematic for non-native speakers of English because they are not common sounds in many of the world’s languages. For example, in this case the sound /ð/ in pronouncing a word "there" that should be pronounce /ðeə:/. But some students in MAN 1 Serang often pronounce that sound with sound /d/ that become /deə:/. The way they pronounce that word of course will create an ambiguity. It will hear like a word "dare" that pronounce /deə: /.
Based on problems above, the writer offers some solutions to improve students’ ability in speaking especially in pronunciation. We can use reading aloud method to improve students’ pronunciation. Because by reading aloud, students can practice by reading with a loud voice, so that they can listen how they pronounce words by words and the teacher can correcting students’ error.
Considering the problem above, this paper will focused on: a) definition of pronunciation, b) Pronunciation problem in Islamic Senior High School 1 Serang, e) Reading aloud method, f) Advantages of reading aloud method.

2.1 Definition of Pronunciation
Pronunciation is one of the important aspects to mastering English, because if we pronounce with wrong pronunciation, it will cause confusion and ambiguity. According to Lado (1964: 70) cited in Pratiwi (2010) pronunciation is the use of a sound system in speaking and listening. Here, pronunciation is merely treated as the act that happens in speaking and listening, Lado doesn’t mention how the sounds are produced. It is also strengthened by Kristina (2006:1) cited in Pratiwi (2010) in the senses, pronunciation entails the production and reception of sounds of speech and the achievement of the meaning.
2.2 Pronunciation problem in Islamic Senior High School 1 Serang
There are some problems in pronunciation that experienced by the students in the Islamic Senior High School 1 Serang such as problem in consonants and vowels. Most of students have difficulty in pronouncing some words because its sounds that rather unfamiliar with sounds in Bahasa and they not accustomed to pronounce that sounds.
2.2.1 Problem in Consonants
Problem that experienced by the students in Islamic Senior High School 1 Serang is problem in consonants. In this case, the students have difficulty to pronounce the sounds /θ/ and /ð/. Those two sound of course unfamiliar with our language. It makes them difficult to pronounce it. They often pronounce that sound with other sounds that have a similarity but of course it still different and wrong pronounce. For example, the sound /ð/ in the word “there” that they pronounce /deə:/, whereas the right pronounce is /ðeə:/. The way they pronounce that word of course will create an ambiguity. It will hear like a word "dare" that pronounce /deə:/.
While for consonant /θ/, the students often wrong to pronounce the word “thing”. They pronounce /tɪŋk/ for that word that should be pronounce /...

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