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Academic Credibility Essay

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China Outline

Time is roughly 4:22-4:45. I really want to make sure we do not go over the twenty min and have time for questions at the end. Can you guys time yourselves to see how long your parts are?


We live in a world where the communication of information is clear, not vague, and we can gain access to that material fairly quick and precise. With so much happening and how quickly it transpires, it changes our perception of thought. We consume so much time trying to find facts about the latest thing….. The latest broadcast….. Which country is on the edge of revolution or an ultimate increase in growth; or which one will have that everlasting influence on the world’s economy. ...view middle of the document...

Everyone will be affected. We do not know how they operate, we are not conscious of its business.

• First we have to decide ahead of time the business we are looking into, the options we have for investment, how much it will cost, and the relationships we must form. However, good marketing practice begins with the customers, what they want, or might want in the context of the competitive environment should also be our focus.

We could propose two things… A. We could randomly go over to China and analyze without forming a trust. Or B: We can establish a foundation for understanding its culture, forms of communication, and business etiquette. As a well-respected company, we know that the key to advancement is option B.

*we will begin with an overview of the country

• According to the Central Intelligence Agency, China is the third largest country in the world, and has an estimated population of 1,331,460,000. The official language of China is Mandarin; over 70% of the population speaks it, although English is also very prominent.

• China is ranked as the world's second largest economy, and is the leading exporter and second major importer of goods in the world. China imports oil, mineral fuels, optical and medical equipment, raw materials and plastics, while it exports apparel, textiles, iron, steel, and electrical and other machinery. The USA is one of its primary trading partners. As of 2012, China's GDP is estimated at around $7 trillion. The coastal regions of China are more industrialized, while inland regions are less developed.

• China’s climate: extremely diverse; It’s tropical in south to subarctic in north, it allows for such tremendous growth.

* Next, we will analyze the culture and government.


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