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Academic Article For Social Media Essay

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Irfan, R., Bickler, G., Khan, S. U., Kolodziej, J., Li, H., Chen, D., . . . Ranjan, R. (2013). Survey on
social networking services. IET Networks, 2(4), 224.

Since it is important when conducting a research essay to include supportive evidence such as statistics, figures etc. to demonstrate solid understanding of the topic, the above article which is a survey on the use of social networking in business applications, particularly social networking platform (SBP). ...view middle of the document...

Franchi, E., Poggi, A., & Tomaiuolo, M. (2013). Open social networking for online collaboration.
International Journal of e-Collaboration, 9(3), 50.

An up-to-date journal article that looks at how social networking is utilised in the business environment, focusing on the Online Social Networks (OSNs) that is effectively easing collaboration across the organisational boundaries. It is useful article to reference as it supports the essence of social network platform in providing business value. In addition, the article shows a real life example of how OSNs is implemented and what type of value is added to the business.

O'Donnell, A. (2014). The contribution of networking to small firm marketing. Journal of Small
Business Management, 52(1), 164-187. doi:10.1111/jsbm.12038

This journal article presents the benefits of the social network platform within a business, it looks in detail how it can enhance the marketing side of the business by analysing the contribution that networking provides, which is an area that I am interested in covering in the research essay. Since it is published in 2013, the mass improvement of social networking platforms technologies are mentioned.

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