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Academic And Professional Success Essay

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November 20, 2011
Academic and Professional Success

My Foundations Labs lets you evaluate your academic foundational skill set so you can self-motivate to enhance your strengths and strengthen your weak areas. We completed sections in Math, Reading and Writing in My Foundations Lab.
I completed assignments in Math, Reading and Writing sections of My Foundations Lab. I started off by first doing the Reading section of the assignment first. I chose this section first since I thought it would be my stronger section. I then went on to the writing section and then last did ...view middle of the document...

My strengths were in the reading section of the course and my weakness was in the writing section. I was really surprised by the results. I thought that the math section would be my weak point. I am planning on retaking the writing section of this course to try and better myself and also complete the learning path modules. I think by doing this it will make me a stronger writer and help me with my career. I might have gotten distracted during that section and want to retry. For the Learning Path Modules I completed Writing Module: Basic Grammar. I chose this module since I had done so poorly in this section.
I always remember my math teacher telling our class that we needed to take math serious because you will always use it throughout your life. I kind of usually ignored her, thinking to myself how and I always going to use math in my future career choice. Well now that I have been working I now understand what she was talking about. I use math almost every day of my life, whether it be at work, home, shopping or at school. I know the importance of having math skills. I have used fractions, decimals, adding, subtracting, multiplying and divisions all in my daily job.
No matter what career path you decide to take, you are always going to have three basic skills you will have to utilize. Reading, writing and math will be seen almost every day in your career you choose.

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