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Abuse Or Discipline Essay

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Abuse or discipline

Spanking is such a difficult topic to discuss. The love of a child is such that their pain is your pain. In our home it’s very clear that spanking is a last resort. Typically we use other techniques like taking away privileges and very detailed explanations of the situation and the correct way to do things next time. Then we ask our son the very next day about what he learned from this. In the beginning he was lost ...view middle of the document...

Just make sure you do not do this at the dinner table. No one wants to eat while being reprimanded.

In those few situations where my son’s actions are deliberate disobedience or ill intention, then we start to use the threat of spanking. The problem with the threat of spanking is that a threat is a form of promise. Eventually you must deliver on your word. We only issue the warning on two occasions. If there is a need for a third, then it is time to deliver the spanking.

What happens afterwards is equally as important as what happens before and during the spanking. There must be more explaining and there must be a call to action. The child must be told what is expected and also shown that they are and will always be loved and wanted. There must always be an explanation of how the child’s choices can play out in the future, if this does not stop or change. Their eyes and ears must always be filled with love and the fact that these steps are taken to better them.

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