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Abuse Of Imagination Essay

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Technical Writing

Homework No. 4
The Abuse of Imagination
Imagination is a very powerful and universal weapon - the pen of writers, the brush of painters, and the instrument of musicians. Ultimately, it can be the whole universe within a single person’s mind.
The use of imagination is present in all aspects of life and living. It can be applied to the theories being developed by mathematicians, the ...view middle of the document...

Put simply, it is the fuel to the machine that is our brain. Even now, I use my imagination as I a way of expressing my inner ideas and thought patterns. However, imagining too much might not be such a good and productive ordeal.
There is a possibility of abusing what our mind is capable of imagining. For example, a person might wake up one day and find him/herself imagining immense rejection or pain coming from those around him/her and s/he might continue feeling this even though it is mostly just made-up by the mind. Often, these cases would lead to the said person developing anxiety or other types of mental conditions. Other results of imagination abuse would be replacing old memories with false one or hallucinating, both of which might be due to some psychological effect or imbalance in the body’s chemicals.
Therefore, with the daily utilization of the mind’s capability of imagining, limitations of its usage must also not be forgotten in order to avoid any undesirable outcomes.
Submitted to:

Ms. Leony P. Bolocon
Technical Writing Teacher

Submitted by:

Camille Faye E. Muli
Grade 10-B

August 18, 2014

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