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Abuse Essay

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Yesterday we discussed potential signs ofmistreatment or abuse in a day care setting. Today we continue our discussion regarding child abuse as we consider the signs of various types of abuse.  
While many of these topics are exceptionally troubling, as parents it is important to pay attention to changes in the behavior of our children and recognize the importance of addressing these issues head on.

When it comes to unspeakable acts of sexual abuse of children there may or may not be any outwardly physical signs. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to any changes in the child’s behavior. In these situations, a mandated reporter or other person who is concerned about the child’s ...view middle of the document...

   However, if you notice a child displaying any of the following behavior, it may be a sign of abuse:
• Shows extremes in behavior (overly compliant, demanding, passive, or aggressive)
• Is overly adult or overly infantile in behavior
• Has delays in physical or emotional development
• Has attempted suicide
• Reports a lack of attachment to parent or caregiver
The caregiver or parent may be emotionally abusing the child if they:
• Blame, belittle, or berate the child on a consistent basis
• Seem unconcerned about the child
• Overtly rejects the child
Impact of Child Abuse
Child abuse can have long lasting impacts on the child and cause physical, psychosocial, behavioral, and societal consequences and problems that can follow them into adolescence and adulthood. The harmful effects of child abuse and neglect depend on the circumstances surrounding the abuse (child’s age and development status when abuse occurred, the type of abuse, the frequency, duration, and severity of abuse, and the relationship between the victim and abuser) as well as the treatment and community options available after the abuse occurs. 
Physical health consequences can include:
• Minor injuries (bruises of cuts)
• Major injuries (broken bones, brain injuries, death)
• Recurring health problems
• Impaired brain development
• Poor physical health
Psychological consequences can include:
• Immediate emotional effects (isolation, fear, inability to trust)
• Lifelong consequences (low self-esteem, depression,...

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