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Abstract For Privacy Essay

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CSC 480: Social & Prof. Issues in Comp.
Instructor: Joe Khalife
Name: Antonio Saad
ID: 201002709

During the past ages people have been searching for a way to improve their lives, and they searched and searched until the year 1960 when a bunch of people came up with the idea of internet. Since then the internet has been improving and expanding its reach throughout the world. Nowadays internet has become an integral part of humans’ lives, with such powerful capabilities, it has almost the solution for every problem we face in our lives. Internet has connected all ends of the world and made in a small village, but eventually it had some negative effects. Most of our personal data that we share on social networks, trades we do on e-markets, and all conversations are being monitored and stored even after we ...view middle of the document...

Rather, the motivations may be more basic: revenge, jealousy, hate, and control. Accordingly, regulatory approaches that might be expected to rearrange some of the harms associated with fraud and market-based threats to privacy – such as laws regulating use of computing resources, for example – may have little deterrent effect on personally motivated privacy attacks. But the issue over here is that most government today are keeping track of everything we do online, claiming the need for this info to insure national security. Well who made it legal or better who gave them the right do so, is it the privacy policies they keep hiding behind? Well we cannot do anything about we can only sit and watch because they are our protectors. The best thing you should do if you think you are being watched, or being tracked is go back to the nineteenth century or remain in this century but be careful on what you put online and what you say.
Are these governments invading our privacy or are they just protecting us? Well in the sake of protection government need to monitor travelers in the airports to prevent any terrorist act, but can they take revealing images of us. Well they are and they claim that they are not storing or saving these images, but researches have shown that they are being stores and it is only a matter of time before these images are leaked and you’ll see revealing images of yourself online. And again what can you do can you blame them for protecting you.
As a conclusion, we advice all internet users to think of their future and act accordingly. If they think that there is nothing wrong going on just keep using internet as they are using it know, and if they think they are being watched start thinking before you share any image online……….

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