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Shauntrae Barnes
Rel.424 /rev.barnes

When good things happen to good people
Publish 1981
Harold s. Kushner

Shauntrae Barnes
Rel.424 /rev.barnes

When good things happen to good people
Publish 1981
Harold s. Kushner

Abstract-when good things happen to bad people. Is a brief over view on death and life that surrounds his life and people he has come in to contact with that has touched his life? Even starting with his own in each personal experience of death with a love one. In his book he stresses the fact that this book is not an abstract book about god or to theology but it was meant for someone who really is a strong believer in faith and god but was compelled ...view middle of the document...

With their faith tested in each detail he shows how his support and faith was also tested and though he questions god and his faith when death accrued in his family. He never gave up on his religion and calling to god he went on to meet many people to whom his pass would be able to help family’s understand that death or sickness happens to any and every one.

In making this book worth reading he got the attention on just his story alone. This book made me from just his introduction alone made want to read his whole book. The way his faith was tested alone enriched my life to go father in his book and read. About other people who have had doubt in their faith with god when things went wrong as they sometimes do. He made his lessons and faith work in life to help others to understand that even a man of the cloth can sometimes have doubts on his beliefs.
Results- it is important for anyone who is or no somebody that is going through something or just might have a family member going through death or terminally ill sickness this book will inspire them to believe. We must feel or realize that when things...

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