Above Ground Pool Setuo Essay

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Above Ground Setup
Angie Benton
ECPI University

The complicated process I would like to explain about is a above ground pool installation process. This process requires several steps, people, and patience. Install can be a tedious job but if everyone works together it should go well.

Step one: You must gather several friends and family who are willing and able to help.Offer a cookout, pool privileges, or other means necessary to get them to help.You cannot install by yourself.
Step 2: Find a good level spot in your yard. The area must be level and cleaned of any rocks, sticks, and other debris.
Step 3: Install level locking ring to prepared area. Make sure the rings are securely fastened together. The locking ring is what holds your pool wall.
Step 4: Put down a ground vapor barrier.The barrier will prevent debris and weeds from growing under your pool. Spread pool sand on ...view middle of the document...

The rings insure the liner stays in place.
Step 8: Install the wall supports to prevent the pool from collasping when water is added.
After the pool is setup you must find what side you want the pump and filter on. You must have a electrical source accessible to pump.
Step 9: Take measurements of your pool skimmer box and circulating eye. Cut hole in the liner for placements of these items. Place them near the pump and filter.
Step10: Hook up pump with pvc pipe to skimmer box and sand filter. Put pool sand in the round filter. This aids in trapping debris.
Step11: Hook up your gauges and control valve. This goes on top of sand filter and shows your pool settings for maintence.
At this point your steps are finished. You can fill with water.Filling with a water hose is best because of the pressure. Pool manufactors do not recommend using a water truck because the pressure is intense and may collasp your pool. After you have the pool filled to desired level or recommended level apply you chemicals.You need to wait the recquired time for the chemicals to work. Test the water and adjust chemicals if necessary. Plug your pump in and make sure it is working properly. If everything such as water balance, pump operation etc. is functionally proper you may Swim and Enjoy for years to come.

You have lots of good information for your procedures. This is a good layout for how to write a procedures paper. I did see this as an example in the book as how to prepare for writing procedures. I don’t think however you should turn your paper in, in this format. You will want to write this in paragraph format.
Your paper has all the required steps, but make sure you add some more details. Your paper is around 500 words now and needs to be closer to 750 to meet the requirement. You also had some repeated grammar mistakes. You often did not add space after periods or sometimes you had too much space after commas. I suggest you get a copy of Microsoft Word to help you with these mistakes. This will also catch some of the spelling errors I found.
Overall, you did well getting someone from an empty backyard to one with a swimming pool. I like how you went through and included adding water and chemicals. I think you should consider adding this to your process.
I hope this helps you.


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