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Abortions Essay

316 words - 2 pages

Outline: Should Abortions Be Banned in the United States
I. Introduction- Overview of abortions, the percentage of women that have them and the reasons they have them
II. First Main point- Abortions
A. Supporting details- Purpose of getting abortions varies according to the woman
1.  “In the last survey, in 1987, 76 percent said they were concerned about how having a baby could change their lives, and 51 percent had problems with a relationship or wanted to avoid single parenthood. Thirteen percent cited ...view middle of the document...

IV. Third main point- Scrutiny behind having abortions
A. Supporting detail- Confused decision making
1. “Opinions on abortion are very complex, with many Americans saying they are opposed to abortion but don't favor banning the procedure” (Murchison, 1999).
2. “Americans do not want to outlaw abortion, but neither do they think it should be completely unrestricted” (Murchison, 1999).
B. Supporting detail- Birth control
1. Abortions should only be used in emergency circumstances or situations and not used as a birth control method
V. Fourth main point- Regulations of abortions
A. Supporting detail- Amendment 1
1. “Tennessee voters by a solid margin backed Amendment 1, a measure that gives state lawmakers more power to restrict and regulate abortions”(Wadhwani, 2014).
VII. Conclusion- Overview of the benefits and risk of banning abortions in the United States.

Murchison, W. (1999). Abortion gridlock. Human Life Review, 7-14.
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