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Abortion Essay

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1. George Washington- Served 8 years as president. He was a neutral party.
Foreign Policies - was to remain neutral, and form as little alliances and deals with other countries as possible to avoid being dragged into a war, Jay Treaty helping with trade with Great Britian.
Domestic Policies – Signed in the Residence Act of 1790, invoked the Militia Act of 1792
One positive aspect that Washington created was imposing an excise tax on distilled spirits, which led to protests in frontier districts when this happened the military was not big enough in just Pennsylvania so he had to invoke the Militia Act.

2. John Adams – Served 4 years as president, was part of the Federalist Party. ...view middle of the document...

Madison was the author of The Federalist Papers which later made him known as the “Father of the Constitution” Which is still what our country goes by today making that a positive and important aspect created by Madison. When Madison tried to implement the Non Intercourse Act he thought he would help the economy instead he crippled the entire economy.

5. James Monroe – Served 8 years as president, His party was the Democratic- Republican Party.
Domestic Policies - Democratic-Republican Party dominance, Cumberland Road Bill
Foreign Policies - Purchase of Spanish Florida, Monroe Doctrine

6. John Quincy Adams – Served 4 years as president and was a Republican.
Domestic Policies – He signed a tariff bill into law called the Tariff of Abominations, Adams implemented a high tariff to fund internal improvements such as road-building, and a national bank to form and national currency and productive enterprise.
Foreign Policies - Adams strongly opposed any entanglement in European affairs, He was the primary author of the Monroe Doctorine.

7. Andrew Jackson – Served 8 years as president. Andrew was Democratic when he took office but the year before he was Democratic –...

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