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A The Sky Essay

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A Great Public School:
A Basic Right and Our Responsibility
A school functions as a body. All parts are important and needed to function at a certain level. A great public school comes with rights and responsibilities. It needs it need parent and teachers support as well as the community working together, rules and regulation, and also high expectation from students. As students we have our rights such as the right to be protected from bullying, to learn without interruptions, and the right to sick leave and health care. Where there are right, there is a responsibility, some of which includes attending class regularly and onetime, respecting teachers, getting good grades, and following the school rules.
Teacher’s responsibilities are making sure that they have their classrooms under control and that is being ...view middle of the document...

It is important because they are generally set in place for the safety of the people involved. It also builds a foundation of obedience and order. Failing to follow the rules may cause damage or injuries. Without rules and regulation there would be no point of having principals and other authorities figure within the institution there, because each plays an important role. The body may not function the way it should if one part decides to stop working.
Students are entitled to respect teachers, staff, and other students. They have the responsibility of treating others with equal respect. Student must attend class everyday and be on time. Regular attendance is necessary for success. Students need to turn in assignments to get good grades. When you don’t turn in assignments it will affect your grade and you will end up failing the class. Voicing their opinions on things that they feel are not right and the changes they would like to see happen in their school is another responsibility.
The community plays a part in helping a school succeed at the level it needs to perform at. They do so by paying taxes. These taxes give up free lunch in school. Attending school functions it another way. Working together and speaking up when things aren’t right with their children especially in the school. Often times as a community we sit and criticize everything that is not right in our eyes especially in school system but what we are doing g to make the necessary changes so that we can all be on one accord.
Judging by my paper it’s safe to say that without each group of persons and each playing their role that they are given to do, they would be no public school that performs an excels above and beyond their expectations. Each group is important. when one decides to serving its purpose that was assign to them, this institution either work twice as hard to keep them where they are at or just fall apart all together.

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