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A Tenacious Church Essay

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Paul, Silvanus and Timotheus, in his letter to the Thessalonians, saw it fitting to give thanks to God always for the brethren, at the church of the Thessalonians, because of how their faith had grown and the charity and love they had shown toward each other in troublesome times.

In Paul‘s first letter to the Thessalonians, he preached and taught about three weeks, almost every major doctrine of the Christian faith. Although Paul’s visit to Thessalonica was short, his ministry was long enough to leave a solid foundation for a thriving church. After leaving and going to Athens, Paul leaves Timothy and Silvanus ...view middle of the document...

The message for the church today is that this church had now faith, they had substance, hope, and last they had the evidence of the thing they could not see with the natural. This body of believers had faith in God, and without
faith it is impossible to please God. Apostle Paul praised God for this church; he encouraged this church to praise God, knowing that praise is a good weapon to fight Satan, especially when being persecuted. Paul understood that prayer was the main tool, but he also realized that praise also, has a way of changing people and situations. David said, “Oh that if men would just praise God.” He said it again and again, “Oh that if men would just praise God to the children of men.”

So then, Paul realizes that everything can praise God, but everything cannot worship God. They that worship him must worship him in sprit and in truth. Paul understood that giving thanks to God comes before praise. One first must realize what he is thanking God for; “In everything give thanks.” Paul was giving thanksgiving to the Lord for the church, and how they were enduring, through their troublesome time. The church are the born again ones that have been called out and set apart for the service of God. Jesus told his disciples “ye are the light of the world, ye are salt, ye are my witness, and ye are my disciples.” God told the children of Israel I have chosen you to show forth the praise of him that has called you out of darkness, and into the marvelous light.

The faith of this tenacious church excels to higher heights in the Lord. A tenacious church is a church that maintains its course, not easily pulled apart in tough times, and is tough but gentle. This Thessalonians church was a good example for all churches. Faith is like a muscle, it must be exercised to grow stronger. Their faith had been tested and challenged. Faith without works is dead. The application for the believer is that our faith must be tried; this is God’s way of proving whether or not our faith is genuine. Tribulation and persecution are God’s way to strengthen our faith. All those that live godly shall suffer persecution. A suffering church is a growing church.

Secondly: The love this church had for one another. This tenacious church demonstrated the agape love, by being gentle and kind to one another. Love is not easily hurt, but is longsuffering, patient, and keeps on giving. It appears that these tenacious Christian’s had what it takes to endure hardness as a good solider and keep the faith. But Paul saw something else that amazed him, he saw that this tenacious church’s love and charity was abounding more and more toward each other under pressure. It’s easy to love when there is no suffering involved. This church demonstrated their love while suffering for the cause of Christ. Some translations say charity and some say love; but how can you have charity without love? You can’t have one without the other, indicating that this blue ribbon church was...

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