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A Simple Exchange Of Niceties Essay

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A Simple Exchange of Niceties

The story is about a presumably young woman, who accidentally has got pregnant. She has a fond an obsessive relationship to a paticular bench in a park and she do not like to share it with others but one day she meets another young woman at the bench. The main character finds out that this woman is not able to get pregnant and she desides to give her baby to her when she has given birth, but she ends up keeping her daughter. This meeting might have been destiny, even though destiny is not something she believes in.

The main character suffers from really bad selfesteem. This reflects in statements like ”I'm bad news. I hang around in pubs after work. I'm ...view middle of the document...

The narrator, our maincharacter, uses a very bad language, which seems to be a result of her low selfesteem. Fx when the other woman tell her she should not smoke her respons is: ”Well, thanks for your concern ... not like it's any of your business”, even though she is pregnant. She also uses it as a shield – she protects herself because all her bad experiences with people (the father of her child called her ”a trashy whore”[5] and she has a bad relaitionsship with her mother[6]) has made her view at human relations very critical. This does not only show in her language, but in her attitude in general. F.x. she thinks of the baby as something that ”in nine days' time, it was all going to be scraped out of me anyway, which is a lot worse damage than a cigarette”[7].

During the meeting with the childless woman, our main character catches herself in saying ”it wasn't ment to be”[8] – this is obviously something she does not believe in because she is exucing herself in her thoughts, saying it was not really her speaking[9]. So she does not believe in fate but actually she ends up in a similar situation; she pretends that she made the desicion to give her daughter away, but she did not run into the childless woman again. In the very of the story it says: ”I guess if she'd been there, I could have done something really nice and given her the baby...”[10]. The words ”I guess” confirms that she has some doubts and maybe wants to keep her daughter.

The main chracter's thoughts about the relationsship with her mother is at first very critical. She says to the childless woman that her mother ”would have exchanged me for a week's holiday in a three-star resort... not that anyone was offering... but if they had...”[11]. As we all know, mothers care very much about their...

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