A Roadmap To The Philippines' Future: Toward A Knowledge Based Economy

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Reaction Paper: A Roadmap to the Philippines' Future: Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy

The presentation discussed basic information about the Philippines' plan on building the Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE) as part of the Medium Term Development Plan by the Arroyo administration. In the discussion, the author identified the four pillars of KBE which shall serve as the foundation for knowledge-driven development process. It was emphasized in the process that the key for relevant economic development for the country is when the people are able to acquire, create, disseminate and apply knowledge to uplift the status of their lives. It is seen as possible answer to the long-running problem ...view middle of the document...

Necessary policies, strategies, programs and activities for the HEI's which are deemed vital to the KBE were also identified. It includes improve contributions to poverty reduction, knowledge mobilization, anti-corruption, peace process, bureaucratic reform and fiscal strengthening.

Education has really a significant role in the economic development of our country. The KBE is a move made by the government to invest in education as an engine for economic development. The plan was conceived in the Arroyo Administration and was continuously pursued by the Aquino Administration, which is about to end next year, yet I feel that we are only half way in the roadmap for that is set for us to reach. Through the implementation of new programs and policies in our educational system and taking also the government antipoverty programs , (K-12 curriculum, TESDA Training-For-Work programs, 4Ps), we are able to make a few significant achievements in our present educational system. But still the burden of unemployment rate is too difficult to surmount and poverty is still a significant problem to be addressed in our...

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