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A Qualitative Analysis Of Healthcare Experiences

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Examining Individual Experiences in Healthcare Services
A Qualitative Analysis
October 3, 2013

All individuals need or will need healthcare throughout their lifetime. The issue of care and how people feel about the way they are treated by physicians and staff members, as well as, the cost involved in treatment are vital aspects of patient rehabilitation. If an individual is not satisfied with the healthcare services provided, they will not continue with the treatment plan and therefore, go without managed care which can affect their quality of life.
The purpose of this study was to examine common factors and experiences of adult students and to also compare the ...view middle of the document...

Considering this view, patient satisfaction should be essential to healthcare evaluation and is needed to help the patient sustain interest in their care.
Mangset et al. (2008) found that being treated with respect and dignity was a core element that influenced patient satisfaction. Individuals want to be treated with humanity.
The other article that I read called Lessons learned from children who have experienced homelessness: what services need to know from the Children & Society Journal published by the National Children’s Bureau also took a qualitative approach to develop an understanding of experiences. It discussed how semi-structured interviews, art activities and group discussions were used to gather individual perspectives. After some insight, the information was analyzed for themes that surfaced among the group of participants. This article is related to my study because of the method used to gather information and the purpose to explore individual perceptions and experiences.
Conducting a focus group as a way to gain insight on a particular subject was a great way to collect individual ideas. Realizing an area of interest was quite challenging though because there are many issues that could be discussed. Once I choose my area of interest, I then established a research question specific enough to draw interest from the group. I also developed five sub-questions to further explore the subject.
At the start of our meeting, even though all four members knew me, I introduced myself and had them do the same. I then introduced the purpose of my study and posed the question at hand. As individuals narrated their personal experiences, I took notes while attentively listening to each person’s perspective. This was not an easy task. Being an amateur facilitator, I was not able to watch for non-verbal communication such as body language for clues because I was too busy taking notes. I also had trouble jumping into the conversation by giving my view which prevents gathering the perspectives of the group.
The sample consisted of a group of adult students in the bachelor of science social work program completing their degree from 2010-2014 at a private university in the southeast. The group dynamics included one male and three female students between the ages of 21-35 years old. The second half of my question pertaining to social class could not be explored considering these individuals all basically had the same economic level.
This focus group was used as a convenient non-probability sample, using an exploratory, qualitative research design to collect perspectives on healthcare services which involved data collection through discussion and transcription.

Healthcare Experiences
The themes and sub-themes within the focus group were discovered using an open and axial coding process. After determining the initial concepts and categories, I was then able to identify central...

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