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A Point Of View On Terrorism

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It is a very difficult task to understand why terrorism is increasingly happening and why terrorists show no mercy to their kind but keep killing innocents. Many scholars approach this problem trying to gain knowledge and explanations for Islam’s terroristic actions, especially after the 9/11 attacks. So far, they find out the main reason that Islam uses as an excuse for violence is their blindly beliefs in religion. One example for this statement is the cartoon “French cartoonists' killers are a death cult” (2015) drawn by the David Horsey, which is published on Los Angeles Times. This cartoon appears because of the Charlie Hebdo’s attack in January. The action was a revenge of radical ...view middle of the document...

Three obviously armed men kneel before something not real. They look really serious and show strong respect for the Death. Meanwhile, the grim reaper is portrayed as a much bigger, powerful character. He seems scary in his black cape and has no face as often seen in other images. He sits in a higher chair and looks down upon them. He is a caricature of Allah, whom radical Islam, which is portrayed as the three men, have faith and believe in. To explain for this action, Amritha Venkatraman in her article “Religious Basis for Islamic terrorism: The Quran and its interpretations”, gives insight understandings of Islamic terrorism. It is “a movement in which the violence caused by terrorism is derived from and used to preserve extreme interpretations of the Quran in an Islamic community”, thus it “exists where there is ‘a controversy over sacred space’ or a Quranic tenet has been violated”. And those who believe in this movement are “[called] for ‘unquestioned devotion . . . [and] blind obedience’ to the word of God in order to ameliorate un-Islamic conditions.” (Venkatraman, 21)
The sentence “So, you fools still haven’t noticed I’m not Allah?” in Horsey’s cartoon makes an assumption that Islamists worship their Prophet like a God. Thus, they will threaten or kill anyone that has doubts and insults his sacredness. This assumption is also seen in Saletan’s article, “When the Sharia edition came out, Charlie Hebdo’s office was bombed, its staff received death threats, and hackers plastered a message on its website: ‘No God but Allah.’ Today, terrorists attacked its office and gunned down 10 staffers and two policemen. The killers shouted “Allahu Akbar” and claimed to be standing up for Mohammed. On Twitter, a photo of the attack was posted with a hashtag that said in Arabic, ‘We avenged the Prophet.’ ” Yet in her article, Venkatraman provides an interesting viewpoint. “Quran states that ‘those that deny God’s revelations shall be sternly punished’” (Venkatraman, 235). After the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden stated “’the great action you did which was first and foremost by the grace of Allah. This is the guidance of Allah and the blessed fruit of jihad . . . I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his Prophet Muhammad . . . these events benefited Islam greatly. . . . We will not stop our raids until you free our lands’” (Venkatraman, 235). The reasons for those actions were “Bin Laden and some other...

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