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A Poem To Me Essay

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A Poem To Me
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
Miranda Saake
October 6, 2013

A Poem To Me
The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about poems are two thing. 1. Something from a time when our language of English was hard for us to understand mainly the era of Shakespeare. 2. The way it rhymes all the way to the end with fun or unique words. Not all poems have this or even need to have this quality of them, but this is what I think when thinking of poems.
I am doing this paper over the poem “Lady from Cork.” The author is anonyms for who is listed but I don’t think I would put my name to this poem myself, ...view middle of the document...

The tone in regards to this area is hard to figure out when given those two options. It just is not long enough to make the decision on that end.
The content to this is something I can relate to and many other as well most likely. In a world when two thirds of us are overweight we all can see this woman in our heads. I personally stay fit, and don’t much like obese people. Yes it is horrible of me, but I cannot help it at all. So this poem puts people I know in my head and it makes it funny to think of them when I read it, like one day they may poop!
The flow of this poem works on an elementary level to allow almost anyone to enjoy and understand this poem and most everyone can relate to it. Even if you are the overweight person and are struggling very hard with this fight you can also relate to this.
Overall this piece of literature was a rhyming poem with a comical or sad side to it depending on your position to it. Also it Flows well and is short simple and to the point, anyone can understand this. This is something worth reading if anything else just to see this side of literature, the comical poem.

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