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A New Work Ethic?
Strayer University
Business Ethics – BUS 309
October 25, 2010

1. Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in work environments you have experienced.
With the new generation of workers, in particular recent college graduates the attitudes of the Sheehy reports are neither unusual nor unprecedented. This generation unlike those of the past, are not exposed nor in some instances, taught the meaning of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and how success can evolve from those types of attitudes. Unfortunately through influences of the media such as television, and in ...view middle of the document...

What is largely misunderstood, is those amenities and commonly referred to “perks” are earned through hard work, dedication and with a sincere work ethic that is
demonstrated through performance, and interest in the success of the organization.

Even though this workforce is learning the textbook knowledge to be successful in their careers, unfortunately, they are not taught the importance and value of what it means to have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, how to acclimate oneself to a workplace culture and its expectations to be a successful employee. Again, through external influences, these employees believe that success comes without hard work and through treating people unprofessionally, not fully understanding the legal and non-legal implications that such treatment can have not only upon the individual, but the organization as well.
By possessing these negative attitudes and poor/new work ethic, employees miss the importance and success of what hard work, having a positive attitude and commitment can bring to them in the workplace, regardless of the type of business.
2. Explain the implications of the work ethic Sheehy describes for the future of American business.
There are many implications of the work ethic Sheehy describes for the future of American business. One of the biggest is the employee attitude and his/her approach to their work the organization and their poor work ethic – referred to as the “new work ethic”. Some of the issues that would come with this “new work ethic” are loss of business/customers, indifference, inattentiveness, high absenteeism and/or tardiness, unfriendly attitude, laziness and poor performance; ultimately leading to a consistent re-occurring recruiting cycle, a decrease in productivity of business growth and business success. This “new work ethic” could lead to the demise of a business structure, its culture and largely impact the functionality of American businesses and its investment into its workforce.

3. Explain whether it is more reasonable to expect workers, especially in a capitalist society, to be more devoted to their jobs, more concerned with quality and customer service, than Sheehy’s coworkers were.
It is reasonable to expect workers, in a capitalist society to be more devoted to their jobs and concerned with quality and customer service. However, with the rapid increase of companies outsourcing; hence, some companies are taking away employment opportunities by moving their production activities overseas, in efforts to reduce labor costs, save money and increase sales with quick product turnover and “cheap labor”; as workers see this mindset of U.S. companies, it becomes very challenging for workers to maintain loyalty, and remain optimistic about their stability and future with the company; often leaving them to wonder and doubt if their hard work will pay off. This type of thinking could lead...

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