A Lesson Before Dying Essay

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PRINT: Find and Print your lab CHECK FORMAT: Make sure you have all the pages and that they printed correctly READ: Read the ENTIRE lab UNDERSTAND: Look up any words you do not understand in your textbook or approved sources (dictionary, reading material from class) NOT Wikipedia and write the definitions on the lab HIGHLIGHT: Highlight any portions of the lab that seem important, tricky, or that you have questions about PRELAB: Complete any Prelab questions

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ASK: Before you begin, ask the teacher any questions that you had while reading the lab READ: Read the instructions again before each new step MEASURE: Make clear and precise measurements – DO NOT FORGET UNITS RECORD: record all measurements ...view middle of the document...

e. where the data is located, whether or not you already made a table, anything that the teacher said in class, etc) WRITE: Start your lab report AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, it is much easier to write about the lab when it is still fresh in your memory. If you don’t have time to finish it now, make sure to write down any notes or ideas you have. PLAN: Make a schedule for completing your report and WRITE IT DOWN in your planner or calendar – you have many days to complete lab reports, make sure you are not saving everything until the last night

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READ: Reread the directions for each portion you are working on before you start – make sure you fully understand the instructions before you begin PLAN: Make a checklist of all of the instructions (i.e. Title page: ☐ Name, ☐ Period, ☐ Date, ☐ Title) – do not forget instructions for formatting in you checklist (ie Format: ☐12 pt font, ☐Arial, ☐dbl spaced) DOUBLE CHECK: As you write each section of the report, check off your checklists, look at your checklist frequently PROOFREAD: Proofread your lab – make sure that there are no spelling or grammar errors and that the language sounds formal, not conversational PRINT: Print a final copy of your lab, make sure it is neat and clean and is formatted correctly – also save a copy to your google drive in case something happens. Put your lab in your bag AS SOON AS YOU ARE DONE STAPLE AND TURN IN: Staple your lab BEFORE class begins and turn it in ON TIME *Make sure that you lab is something that you are proud to turn in.

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