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A Good College Course Essay

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A Good College Course

What is a college course that students can call good? Why do so many students

always take some courses which they dislike? College courses are different from high

school courses because they will pay more attention to understanding. Many college

students do not like their college life because college courses are hard to take. I

thought it was true until I started my college life. Perhaps a good college course

should be interesting, easy, and utility.

People can call good if a college course is interesting. In other words, the course

should have some fun. First, a good college course might be an outdoor learning

course. For example, a geography ...view middle of the document...

A good college course should also be easy. This means students will get a good

mark without too much study. First, a good college course should offer easy exams to

students. For example, students who take English 101 are able to pass the exam as

long as they get a C-. Therefore, ninety percent of students in the class will pass the exam. Second, a good college course should have easy homework. For instance, a

mathematics course offers only four homework assignments for students this semester

and all of them have short answers which are able to be found in the textbook. Thus,

students do not need to take too much time to work on the course so they can spend

more time on their social lives. As a result, a good course should be easy as well as


Utility is another aspect of a good course. That means people will get satisfaction

about their courses. First, they solve some problems in their daily lives. For example,

a psychology learner helps his friend who gets some mental problems after a car

accident by talking with him every day. Therefore, his friend gets better day after day.

Second, students will find a good job in the future. For instance, a French learner is a

translator in an office because he has taken French courses for two years in college.

Thus, he gets a high salary by his job. Hence, a good college course should be utility.

In conclusion, a good college course should be fun, simple, and useful. If people

want to take good courses in college, they should consider all these aspects which

make their study lives wonderful.

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