A Fit And Healthy Me Essay

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Dieting and fitness are crucial parts of my well-being. I am not the kind of person that watches what I eat or limits myself about what I can or cannot eat. Healthy means having good health mentally and physically. Physically, I can be strong and healthy. Mentally, I can have a sense of goodness and achievement towards myself. Eating healthy, being active, and feeling good about myself are the key ingredients I do to have a healthy lifestyle.
Dieting is something most people do to stay healthy, but I don’t diet because I just naturally eat healthy foods in the food pyramid: grain, poultry, dairy, etc. Eating right does not just make me a healthier person, it enables me to get through another day with enough strength and energy. It is often difficult to stay ...view middle of the document...

Getting my heart rate up by doing cardio at the gym helps me get rid of fat I have accumulated throughout the week. Lifting weights also benefits me on gaining muscle mass and staying toned. Besides the gym, Zumba is another source of exercise I do to stay fit. Exercising is not only for me physically, but also helps me stay mentally positive and make good life decisions.
Even if I am healthy, there could still be a chance of being sick. I face diseases every day whether it be with the environment, people around me, or the food I consume. Staying clean and watching my health is something else that I do to stay fit and healthy. Cooking a fresh meal is the healthiest meal anyone can have to stay healthy. I have a sweet tooth so I have cheat days where I do eat a few types of junk food, but I limit myself because junk food does ruin one’s health. Knowing the amount of hours I sleep and taking showers are other ways I keep my health under control. A good night’s rest relaxes the body and mind from all the activity it has gone through during the day. Staying drug free is another key part of maintaining my health in tip top shape.
A healthy person is a happy person. Staying fit and healthy sounds hard, but it only takes self-discipline and knowledge with what I eat and knowing what I eat. Exercising keeps me full of energy and going to have a successful day. Eating “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” is not true; diseases lurk all around me, but just maintaining a good sleep schedule and limiting my intake on junk food keeps me far away from any doctor. They do say, “You are what you eat;” don’t be fake, cheap, or easy. I’d cook myself a well-balanced meal. In all matters it only takes three easy steps to stay healthy, to make me feel good about myself inside and out.

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