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A Different History Essay

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Explore how Bhatt powerfully communicates the culture of India and loss of language in the poem A Different History.
Sujata Bhatt begins to communicate the loss of culture and language by separating her poem into two stanzas. She indents the second stanza to segregate them both and illustrate that there is a clear difference between the significance of each. She does this to show that the first stanza is a symbol of those unaffected by globalization and the Western society, those who have maintained their ‘original culture’. She then uses the second stanza to contradict this by making it about those who chose to migrate away from India and are bound or are in favour of International ...view middle of the document...

It could be her way of reaching out to the reader to show that it isn’t as bad as it seems and can be achieved without embarrassment. Sujata Bhatt could be telling the reader that it isn’t too late to save their culture and heritage.
Following this, Bhatt uses the phrase ‘a sin to slam books down’ to show the lack of order in India. She wants to make it evident that mistreating books is not permitted. She uses the word ‘slam’ because it’s a harsh, loud action which often illustrates disrespect. She does this to illustrate that by disrespecting books; they’re disrespecting their knowledge and religion as well. Bhatt’s use of ‘books’ could also be a reference to their heritage since history is often present in books. Other than respecting religion, Bhatt could be telling the reader to respect their heritage. Whether the reader lives in India or is even proud of it, she wants them to at least treat it with respect and not smash the books shut with such a loud noise. Sujata Bhatt even repeats the phrase ‘a sin’ throughout the poem to demonstrate the present lack of religion. She does this to emphasise how nobody is listening to the rules and she must make it clear what is allowed and what isn’t. She feels like there is such a great lack of culture present that she must remind the reader what their religion is about since religion often has a great link to culture.
Sujata Bhatt then uses strong language to illustrate her anger to the...

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