A Comparison Of The Healthcare Insurance In Germany And The Uae

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The healthcare system in the UAE and Germany

The UAE has a very fast growing and dynamic healthcare market, currently it’s the fastest growing in the Middle East. This growth has mainly been supported by intensive government spending on the sector. The government of UAE also has a very central role in the provision of health services and in recent times the government has taken initiative to involve the private sector in the provision of these services. Due to rapid development in recent years the UAE offers a lucrative pharmaceutical market that boasts of high standard medical facilities ("UAE to Be One of the Fastest Growing Markets for Healthcare in ...view middle of the document...

Despite major efforts by the government to create new and relevant authorities there has been an overlap on powers and mandates of these authorities at both the federal and emirate level. The fundamental basis of the law is to ensure that every national, resident and visitor in Dubai has essential health insurance coverage and access to essential health services.
With the introduction of a new law to govern health insurance, the healthcare system is now better. It requires that everyone is covered by insurance before getting a visa. The system was rolled out in Dubai and it will follow in phases in all the Emirates. The government is set to cater for the health insurance of all the UAE nationals and employers will take charge for their employees.
The insurance coverage aims at ensuring access to healthcare for all and at the same time not burdening the employer. Among the basics it provides are access to surgical services, maternity care and emergency services. The main provider of the cover are private insurance firms that are expected to always provide competitive packages with an option of co-payment.
Sustainable health care
This new development aims at developing sustainable health financing systems beside the access to basic healthcare. The patient is not bound to public or private hospitals when under the cover and has the option to choose the most attractive option.
The law stipulates that for Dubai residents the employer has full responsibility over the employees’ insurance cover and shall spend 1.5 per cent of salaries paid on insurance cover. Any costs encountered are not deductible from the employee.

The healthcare system in Germany
The Federal Republic of Germany is made up of 16 states. Germany is ranked among one of the countries in the European Union with a very high population density. Germany boasts of a ratio of 3.4 for every 1000 residents.
The three main types of hospitals in Germany are:
* Public hospitals- these are run by local authorities, towns and the Länder
* Voluntary, non-profit making hospitals- these are run by churches or non-profit organizations, which include the German Red Cross
* Private hospitals which are run as independent commercial enterprises
In Germany healthcare is funded using a contributory system. This system allows for free healthcare...

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