A Comparative Study Of The Elastic Limit Of Two Different Brands Of Rubber Bands

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A Comparative Study of the Elastic Limit of Two Different
Brands of Rubber Bands

A Research Paper Presented to the
Faculty of Australian International School

In Partial Fulfillment of RAISE Program
(Research in Australian International School for Excellence)

Ramos, Anna Dominique A.
Grade 10
School Year 2013 – 2014
Introduction 1
Conceptual Framework 2
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Marianne Tolidanes
Chairman, Science Faculty

Ms. Mary Jho Laura Sabio Ms. Princess Lynn Punzalan
Member, Language Arts Faculty Member, Mathematics Faculty

Ms. Christine Esteban-Norton Mr. Regino Lorenzo Vergel de Dios
Head of School Member, IT Faculty

This research paper is made possible through the help and support of the researcher’s family, and teachers. Please allow the researcher to dedicate her gratitude to the following specific people:
First and foremost, the researcher would like to thank Mr. Martin Antonio Frias for all his support and encouragement. He kindly offered his advice and expertise on the organization, content, and structure of this research paper.
Second, the researcher would like to thank Mr. Anthony FitzGerald for giving his services as a consultant.
Third, the researcher would like to thank Serv Pro and Prestige Alliance for giving her the idea for this experiment as it was from her internship there that gave her the inspiration.
Finally, the researcher would like to thank her family for their continued understanding and support in regards to this research paper.

The purpose of this study was to compare the two brands of rubber bands to determine which brand of household rubber band has a longer elastic limit. The researcher picked this topic because she was curious as to which of the two brands would yield better service for future purchase.
Elastic limit was the measuring point because a rubber band’s effectively is how long it can stretch without breaking. It is also what this whole research is based upon. The researcher chose rubber bands for her experiment because it is common and found almost everywhere especially in households. Procedure for this experiment was to stretch these bands to its elastic limit and measure the distance in centimeters. There were two brands of rubber bands used in this experiment but Brand B is clearly superior to Brand A since Brand A’s elastic limit (approx. 40cm) is at least 10cm less than Brand B’s elastic limit (approx.50cm).
Her recommendation for future researchers is to further study the elastic limit of household rubber bands and perhaps use different brands for better comparisons. Another possibility is to determine if the type of rubber or latex can have an effect on the elastic limit or maybe manufacturing method. Lastly one can possibly use Hooke’s Law as an alternative method to the researchers set up.

The Problem and Background of the Study
Rubber bands, or elastics as they are sometimes called, are one of the most convenient objects in the world. It is often used as a binder to tie or hold things together due to its elasticity. (Newspapers use rubber bands for home deliveries for folding or rolling individual newspapers. In the flower industry it is used for...

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