“A Closer Look At Changes To Welfare Reform”

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“A Closer Look at Changes to Welfare Reform”

“A Closer Look at Changes to Welfare Reform”
Welfare is a defined as a term characterizing the wide variety of social programs developed during the New Deal to help the poor , unemployed, disabled, and elderly. There have many changes to the programs and the laws that govern them. After living in Missouri for most of my life and then moving to Texas, I have noticed many differences.
Welfare is a term I heard a lot as child. Obviously, I never knew what it was until I was older. When I hear the word, I think of hearing people waiting to receive their “check” at the beginning of the month. I always saw it as something negative ...view middle of the document...

One of the main changes to the program was that TANF recipients are required to locate a job within twenty four months of receiving benefits. There is a five year cap places on lifetime benefits through this program. Since this is the case, part of the program benefits is that they offer job seeking assistance
Being a resident of Missouri for most of my life I am familiar with their laws. Missouri is now trying to implement new laws with a new bill. This new bill would have many changes to the current laws. There were two things that stood out to me in a good manner. The first is that in order to qualify for TANF as an individual over eighteen years of age, you would need to have received your high school diploma, G.E.D., or be in in the process of doing so. I think that this would be wonderful because it would deter those who would like to live off of the system because those individuals don’t seem to want have to put forth a large amount of effort. Another great addition to these laws would be limits placed on the types of foods that could be bought with SNAP benefits, or food stamps. Another great change would be that anyone who commits welfare fraud would be permanently deemed ineligible. This bill has yet to be voted on, but I think that these changes would greatly improve the welfare system in Missouri.
I was also very...

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