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A Case Study Jane

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A Case Study-Jane

A Case Study-Jane
The description of the story was that Jane was constantly beaten from her father as a child. She was very confused as there was no explanation as to why he was beating on her. She was beat on by her husband 3 years into their marriage.
The explanation of Jane’s beatings from her father was that she was being “naughty”. As for her husband he beat her for “challenging him”. This wasn't an acceptable behavior from either her father or her husband.
The prediction in Jane’s life was that she would accept the beatings by in some way gaining a little control as well. She was able to guilt her father to get whatever she wanted from her father. She was able to gain power ...view middle of the document...

She got pregnant and that was a big a change for her.
I chose psycho-dynamic as a modern perspective of psychology. It was Jane’s father who started the abuse when she was a child. If Jane didn't experience her childhood abuse from her father she wouldn't have accepted her husband to abuse her. (“The general goal of psycho-dynamic psychologists is to explore unconscious dynamics, internal motives, conflicts, and childhood experiences”). (Freud’s).
I chose humanistic as a second modern perspective of psychology. If Jane would have gotten to understand herself and her values she could have had a chance to avoid the beatings as she became an adult. Her father could have helped her by giving her the positive love and approach she needed. (“Which stressed free will (voluntarily chosen behavior) and self-actualization (a state of self-fulfillment)?” (Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow).
I chose cognitive as a third modern perspective of psychology. Jane thought that by her using guilt against her dad and husband that it was the correct way to go about the abuse she was receiving by them to get what she wanted. But if she would have had someone to show her the correct way of thinking and problem solving she could have overcome her situation and possibly never when through the situation with her husband. She would have known that the way her dad was showing her what love was is wrong. She would have also known that by giving the guilt trip wasn't healthy either. (“Emphasizes thoughts, perception, and information processing”). (Kellogg, 2011; Sternberg, 2012).

Visualizing Psychology, 3rd Edition

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