A Can Do Attitude Essay

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Heston, W. (2012, June 5/6). Loving a Challenge “Can-Do" Attitude Provides a Wealth of Success. The Navy Supply Corps Newsletter, pp. 45-46.

A “can-do” attitude provides a Wealth of Success you never know what you can do until
you try. Here is an article about a man with a lot of determination his name is Heston
Wong he was in the Navy and started out fixing F14 aircraft and he just wasn’t fond with
fixing aircraft so he was offered a store keeper job he accepted. After he finished
Storekeeper “A” school he served aboard USS Santa Barbara (AE28), an ammunition
ship that was home ported in Charleston, S.C. Henton on his first three-year ...view middle of the document...

He went on to several different assignments but he said that
he like the fact that when someone says, “Hey, we don’t know if we can,” I like to say,
“we won’t know unless we try. Let’s try.” My source I have determined to be reliable
because I retrieved the informationoff the University of Phoenix library in the section of
the Scholarly (Peer review). I don’t believe this author was bias he was up-lifting
insteading of using he, he used we. I believe that his information will help my paper he
is all about a positive attitude and so am I in my continuing my education.

Riordan, C. M. (2012, July). Self-doubt. Personal Excellence, pp. 6-6.
The article gives ideas on how one can manage self-doubt. It warns us of the impact
self-doubt can have on a person and how it really can make him or her feel inadequate,
overwhelmed and insecure. The article also advises people to engage in image and
self- talk to improve their performance.This is an exceptional article on how to manage
self-doubt. It focuses on how to engage yourself in a self-talk to improve your
performance while it also warns you of the impact self-doubt can have on you if you let
it. It describes how having self-doubt can overwhelm you and make you feel insecure.
The author too me is not being bias. The author is giving you feedback on how to
improve yourself in a positive way regarding self-doubt. The information was reviewed
on the University of Phoenix Library in the Scholarly (Peered Review). This Article will
also strengthen my paper.

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