A 25 Year Old Individual Is Working Full Time As A Volunteer In A Charity Organization. His Daily Job Is To Distribute Leaflets Door To Door And Take Part In Charity Events. He Is Now Preparing For A Marathon Run

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|Programme |Edexcel BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Health and Social |
| |Care |
|Unit Title: Physiological Principles|Unit : 12 |Date Issued: |
|for Health and Social Care | |5 May 2014 |
|Student Name |St Patrick Student ID No.: |Date of final |
| | |Submission: |
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Lecturers will give information as to which procedure must be followed, and details of submission procedures and penalty fees can be obtained from Academic Administration or the general student handbook.
2. All coursework must be submitted to the Academic Admin Office and a receipt must be obtained. Under no circumstances can other College staff accept them. Please check the Academic Admin Office opening hours.
3. Late coursework will be accepted by Academic Admin Office and marked according to the guidelines given in your Student Handbook for this year.
4. If you need an extension (even for one day) for a valid reason, you must request one. Collect a coursework extension request form from the Academic Admin Office. Then take the form to your lecturer, along with evidence to back up your request. The completed form must be accompanied by evidence such as a medical certificate in the event of you being sick. The completed form must then be returned to Academic Admin for processing. This is the only way to get an extension.
5. General guidelines for submission of coursework:
a) All work must be word-processed and must be of “good” standard.
b) Document margins shall not be more than 2.5cm or less than 1.5cm
c) Font size in the range of 11 to 14 points distributed to including headings and body text. Preferred typeface to be of a common standard such as Arial or Times New Roman for the main text.
d) Any computer files generated such as program code (software), graphic files that form part of the course work must be submitted either online with the documentation or on a CD for paper submissions.
e) The copy of the course work submitted may not be returned to you after marking and you are advised to have your personal copy for your reference.
f) All work completed, including any software constructed may not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of intended study without prior written permission from St Patrick’s International College.

To achieve Pass Grade, you must meet each assessment criteria in each Learning outcome.
To achieve Merit Grade you must meet M1, M2 and M3 descriptor criteria.
To achieve Distinction Grade you must meet D1, D2 and D3 descriptor criteria.

Understand that to meet M2 descriptor criteria you must mention appropriate references and valid academic sources for gaining information through the complete assignment. Referencing should be used according to the Harvard referencing system (in text & reference list).

Remember to keep your coursework receipt.

Outcomes and assessment requirements:

|Learning Outcomes |Assessment requirements |
| |To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: ...

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