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International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, Nov. 2013.
ISSN: 22311963

Ali Abdul-Fattah Alshaher
Lecture, Department of Management Information System, College of Administration and
Economics, University of Mosul, Iraq.

These study it is necessary to can be used as a theoretical foundation upon which to base decision-making and
strategic thinking about e-learning system. This paper proposes a new framework for assessing readiness of an
organization to implement the e-learning system project on the basis of McKinsey 7S model using fuzzy logic
analysis. The study ...view middle of the document...

The introduction of information technology in education is viewed as one
of the important means of meeting the need's students, universities and society as a whole. Fry, 2001
suggests that universities must embrace new technological advancements, which are capable of
transforming educational and business in order to survive in a global higher-education market. The
constant and rapid development of Information and communication technology has led to the
introduction of E-learning systems in the system of education. E-learning is now the main focus of
introducing and using new and advanced technologies in the field of higher education [12].
Most major universities all around the world provide some kinds of e-learning systems to enhance
overall education system and to improve the performance of students. The e-learning systems used
can systems can be as simple as a projector or an interactive board to a complex and sophisticated
system like a learning management system or an online portal [10].
Undoubtedly, the implementation of e-learning systems in higher education has enabled a dramatic
change in teaching and learning practice. The success of e-learning adoption across an organization
depends on several factors [11]. Although there are a large number of research articles on e-learning,
few of them address the most important issue of e learning – Readiness Assessment [38]. In this
paper, the author tries to build a model determines the factors by which to assessment the readiness of
the organization to adopt e-learning system based on the framework 7S.


Vol. 6, Issue 5, pp. 1948-1966

International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, Nov. 2013.
ISSN: 22311963
The current manuscript is organized as: Related Work is describe in section II, The Research
Methodology is explain in section III, The analysis and discussion in section IV, The conclusions are
in section V, and finally authors are conclude the study in section VI.



Two basic elements of the present research, a brief review on available in the field is presented and elearning system readiness assessment based on the McKinsey 7S model which are well described.
Finally the most important factors in ELRA are extracted from the most relevant literature and the
conceptual framework is developed based on these factors.

2-1. E-Learning System
2-1-1 Related Terms and Concepts
When investigating e-learning issue in various sources one can find out that the term "e-learning"
is often connected or even equated to the following concepts: [17]
 Distance education (or also Distance learning): According to Willis distance education
“takes place when a teacher and students are separated by physical distance, and technology
(i.e. voice, video, data and print) is used to bridge the instructional gap [33].
 Online learning: White describes online learning as “an approach to teaching and learning
that includes the use...

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