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7 Domains Of It Infrastructure Essay

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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery program is implemented to ensure that ITT-Tech capability to respond to and reduce the effect(s) of incidents that may impact the ability of one or more of the of it’s locations ability to carry out normal activities. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans shall identify and address critical events that have the potential to cause materially adverse consequences.


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Objective of the Business Continuity program is to ensure that each functional unit has evaluated business conditions and developed plans which will enable it to survive business-interruption events and continue operations at an acceptable level until normal operations can be restored.


Designated leaders are responsible for implementing, developing and maintaining the Business Continuity program for their operational area.

Systems and Operations continuity for each designated leader has the responsibilities for its Business Continuity Program, including monitoring and implementation of the Business Continuity Policy, reporting status, and training.

Plans are to be updated and exercised to ensure functionality. Each department will assign a Business Continuity leader. Each leader will be responsible for maintaining all plans and coordinating all actions associated with the plan.

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