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3 Day Nutrition Analysis

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What everyday changes, if any, might you make to increase the amount of energy expended in your day-to-day activities?
To increase the total amount of energy expended in daily activities the time and amount of daily active exercises must be increased. The more vigorous the exercise performed is, the more energy is expended. All leisurely activities should be taken care of throughout the ...view middle of the document...

What types and amounts of exercise would work best for you?
Among the exercises listed the ones that would work best for me would be walking, jogging, and playing sports. Also weightlifting and aerobic exercise would help to expend energy and burn calories. Riding a bike could also be an option as this could be enjoyed by the whole family.
Can the activities be performed year-round? If not, can you suggest alternative activities and locations for inclement weather?
Though bicycling cannot be performed at the home without a stationary bike, running and jogging can be done standing in place or on a treadmill. During favorable weather conditions these activities can be enjoyed outdoors. However, during inclement weather these outdoor activities can be put to a halt. During these times there are still many options. With personal gyms opening at an exponential rate, having the right equipment and an educated trainer has become an easy commodity to acquire. Also, many activities at home like sit-ups and pushups can be performed with excellent results.

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