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3 Day Activity Essay

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What are your current exercise habits?
My current exercise habits are going to the gym at least three days per week for one hour. I focus primarily on cardio because it helps to burn fat. I complete thirty minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training everyday because I want to lose and tone! I find it easier to go to a gym as opposed to walking around my neighborhood. I tried that and felt discouraged, not quite sure why. But ...view middle of the document...

The amount of minutes I exercised for four days were 360 minutes. I spend 30 minutes on the stationary bike and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. I burned 1148 calories daily or 4592 calories over the four days (not sure why the tracker did not include this). I guess I did it incorrectly because I was not provided a physical activity score or assessment results. I could not locate the SuperTracker results summary page.

What everyday changes, if any, might you make to increase the amount of energy expended in your day-to-day activities?
There are multiple things I could add to my day to expend more energy. For example, I could take the stairs, instead of riding up the escalator – walk up the escalator. I could park my car farther away and walk. While watching television, during commercials I could do leg lifts or crunches!
What types and amounts of exercise would work best for you?
I believe that I am on a great track now. I struggled with working out so now that I can get in one hour per day – I feel I am doing great! I enjoy working out in the gym and I prefer the stationary bike instead of the treadmill.
Can you perform these...

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