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2. What Knowledge, Traits, Behaviors, And Attitudes Should A Team Leader And Team Members Have And Why?

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There is a multitude of aspects that all culminate into the success of a team, from traits and behaviors, to the attitude of a team leader and its members down to the overall knowledge base that is shared in the group dynamic. When working in a group dynamic, having sub groups or individuals working on specific targets and goals is common. Establishing the rules of communication early and how tasks will be handles will go far in mitigating problems that may arise along the way. Breakdowns in coordination can happen at any given moment, and because of the group interdependence, a small breakdown can escalate and encroach onto other areas. A good way to circumvent possible problems is for the entire group to understand the events that are critical to the success of the team. Leaders should also have a strong base of expert ...view middle of the document...

When a group begins to flow and advance past the initial phase, depending on how its established, there could be a lot of room for a self started to take responsibility to get tasks done. When it comes to managing time, every individual should do their best to use their time positively in order to best impact their time. Every person has their own set of skills and abilities, and utilizing those to achieve a common goal is important. It also helps when there is a leader in place to support free flowing communication between a groups members.

Behavior in a group dynamic can vary greatly, yet making sure the lines of communication stay open go a long way in keeping a positive morale among a groups members. Communication is a powerful variable for influencing cooperation . Establishing roles, which then dictates how team members conduct themselves, also helps to maintain the dynamic within a group as it establishes responsibility. Roles establish a pattern that an individual is expected to exhibit and team tasks roles are those behaviors that lead to successfully completed tasks.

An individual’s attitude can either positively impact or severely damage the morale and functionality of a group. There is a saying that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, and in a group setting in which there is a lot riding on the result, a leader must be able to guide a team on the right path to success. Knowledge should be shared amongst a groups members and keeping a fluid archive of the working documents helps the group’s progress transparent. Transparency can then translate to cohesion, or levels of motivation within a group that are high enough to foster a sense of commitment to a team and better performance. This fosters all around levels of perseverance to complete tasks, and when a leader had the knowledge and skills to be both firm and flexible when needed, helps direct a team to fulfilling its mutual goal in a successful and positive manner.

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