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1963 Essay

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The year of 1963 was not only a gruesome, dark year for the U.S. but it was a pivotal point in Civil Rights Movement. I know it’s hard to believe that America was in a horrible state then it is now but it’s true. For example can you believe that segregation was a common thing back then? Matter of fact in January Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, delivered a speech that segregation was something that was needed for the nation. Shortly a couple of months after civil rights activist took to the streets to protest but that turned into one of the most horrific scenes in our nation history. They were viciously attacked by dogs and sustain by fire hoses. A few weeks after this there was a small incident at University of Alabama were two black students ...view middle of the document...

delivered the famous “I Have A Dream” speech at the March on Washington. This is probably one of most influential speeches ever given in American History. Just as things were looking like they were about to change for good, church bombs begin to happen Alabama. Dozens were injured and four little girls were killed and if this wasn't sad enough President John F. Kennedy was assassinated later that year.
This unfair and cruel society were one race succeed the other was perfectly depicted in King’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. In the beginning he tells the audience how black people are still in the same predicament they were in hundreds of years ago when they were slaves. This hardships wasn't the same as back then and they have more freedom but they still was basically slaves during this time too. They had different water fountains, were not allowed to sit in front of the bus, and couldn't be in the same restaurant as different races. Then he began to talk about how they come to their “Nation’s Capital to cash a check.” But was turned away because of “insufficient funds”. He is talking about the Emancipation Proclamation which granted slaves freedom. He is saying that they are still waiting on them to be free. He is still waiting on the equality and chances to better themselves that were supposed to given by them years ago. Then he goes on throughout his speech to say all he is want is freedom and to unite all the people of the nation so we can prosper. I think it’s ironic that the dream King is talking about is the exact opposite of how the world is during 1963. He is imagining a world where everyone gets along and no one is being judged because they are black or white. Whereas in 1963 being black or white determined your social status as soon as you were born.

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